Prostate Mapping is a modern prostate biopsy method
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Our Prostate Mapping team uses a new prostate biopsy and MRI technique with 95% accuracy in cancer diagnosis

Welcome to Prostate Mapping. You may be worried about a raised PSA and like to know if you have prostate cancer, or you may want an accurate second opinion to decide how best to treat your prostate cancer. Our template prostate biopsy provides precise diagnosis.
Prostate biopsies can miss prostate cancer

Do you want to know with a very precise multiple prostate biopsy if your high or rising PSA is caused by cancer?

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Prostate mapping offers greater precision in diagnosis of prostate cancer

Do you want to know if it is safe to avoid having a treatment, or if you definitely need surgery or radiotherapy?

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Prostate mapping precisely locates low and high risk prostate cancer

Do you want your treatment planned with accuracy by detailing exact location and aggressiveness of cancer?

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Why a prostate biopsy via prostate mapping?

A TRUS Prostate Biopsy (a prostate biopsy performed with the guidance of the traditional method of Trans-Rectal Ultra Sound, or TRUS) is a prostate cancer diagnosis procedure typically used where a raised PSA (prostate specific antigen) is detected in men. A prostate biopsy performed with the TRUS method uses an ultrasound scanning probe inserted in the back passage and a biopsy needle to take samples of the prostate gland tissue.

The TRUS prostate biopsy method can give negative results in up to 1 in 5 men who actually have cancer, also it can sometimes wrongly report on the aggressiveness of prostate cancer.

Prostate Mapping is a new prostate biopsy process developed in London by leading urology and radiology consultants. This new method can be much more accurate than traditional prostate biopsies. It involves a template-guided biopsy and MRI scanning. A Prostate Mapping biopsy is performed under general anaesthetic.

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